One Cloud Plush - 3mg 120ml

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Plush Fruit Cocktail- A combination of guava, peach, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, berries, and cherries punched into a great tasting cocktail- 120ml/3mg

Ulti Mango- A delicious sweet mango juice- 120ml/3mg

Cream Soda Float- A bright-green, sweet, bubbly, vanilla vape juice- 120ml/3mg

Vanilla Gelato- The sweet and milky ice cream flavor vape juice- 3mg/120ml

Honey Crunch Cereal- A crunchy sweet breakfast cereal, perfect anytime. Enjoy the bits of oats drizzled with honey-120ml/3mg

Diddly’s Condensed Milk- A delicious strawberry Condensed milk vape juice- brings back memories of the Dirkie Condensed Milk.